PM safaris Ltd is an all-encompassing Safari Specialist which affords its clients discerning and bespoke tour operating services. We focus on providing excellence to our clients from the minute they arrive, to leave them with a euphoric nostalgia of their experience upon departure. We operate throughout East Africa and our tailored services afforded to our partners and guests has a solid emphasis on providing superior guiding experience.

"Safaris by Design" is how we summarize our services, all our suggestions are intricately curated after speaking with the potential clients and to understand their key aspirations. We do this by evaluating the experience they have for visiting our breathtaking continent. This insight is what provides us with the necessary impetus to create a once in a lifetime experience for our valued clientele.

Our process is finalized when our guests confirm their intent on the proposal we sent. Thereafter, we match our guests profile to a specific guide to ensure that we meet and thus satisfy our guests requirements in all aspects of the tour.

We come with hands-on industry experience, having a 360-degree perspective and in-depth knowledge of all facets of the tourism industry in East Africa.

We endeavor to go the extra mile to meet our clients every requirement; leaving them with the overwhelming desire to return to what we assisted in making feel like their home away from home.

Our product and rate offerings are considered to be highly competitive in the market segment we are in, mainly due to our relationships with our partners that we have maintained and enhanced to-date, coupled with our commitment to perform and meet mutual objectives - we have effectively leveraged better rates and value-adds for our esteemed patrons

Why Choose us!

More than Just a Safari

Our Africa is one place, and we are one family

We are brand loyal and proud, and we stand together. Here there is no “I” and “You”, but rather “Us” and “We”. Our Africa is one place, and we are one family. We pledge the same promise to our partners

We aim to leave everything we touch better

We are proud and responsible citizens and sustainable contributors to our local economies, communities and our environments – we aim to leave everything we touch better in some way

No one knows or lives Africa like we do

Our regional personalities and product portfolios differ, as each of us is as unique as the destination itself. We share an African soul, but our faces are those of our home countries